Wedding Nails: 20 inspirational nail ideas for brides
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Wedding Nails – 20 Inspirational Nail Ideas for Brides

Inspirational wedding nails


Are you in need of some wedding nail inspiration? Are you stuck with so many damn choices but you’re struggling to find the best one that goes with your wedding theme? I struggle to choose a meal on a restaurant menu, now imagine me choosing a nail set design for my wedding day.

  • So, I made it a bit easier for myself with these few tips to keep in mind when choosing the perfect wedding nails for the big day. Hopefully, they can help you too.The key is to always go as simple as possible, SIMPLE IS A LOT.
  • Stick to the natural colour range and follow the theme of your wedding makeup and dress
  • Pay attention to your skin tone as certain colours brighten skin tones while others can clash or make the skin look totally washed out. Cool skin tones are typically fair and have blue or pink undertones which suit pinky nude shades. While others with more of warmer skin tones, like yellow or olive undertones, often suit nudes and yellow/golden or peachy neutrals.
  • Choose what is comfortable for you, like keep them short if you’ve never had long nails before.
  • Book for a nail trial run if you not 100% sure of what will suit you.
  • Choose gel polish over nail varnish as you don't need to worry so much about your nail colour chipping or smudging and, guess what? It lasts longer even until your honeymoon is over.
  • if you’re someone that bites your nails or have jump ski nails like me or brittle nails, choose Acrylic or Hard Gel Extensions to hide all those imperfections.
  • If you a had hand surgery, please ensure you notify the manicurist first thing before starting with any treatment procedures.

So, enough with the boring stuff. I collaborated with _lemonnails and beautybyaleska to create these beautiful and simple 9 inspirational wedding nails.


9 Inspirational wedding Nails

Nails by Jessabella Nails

So the first wedding nail design I went for is a white gel polish and on the ring and index finger I applied this goldish/brown glitter on the entire nail bed and encapsulated with a glossy top coat. The base of the nail is created with Acrylic extensions.



3D Flower Wedding Nails

Nails by Jessabella Nails

The base of this nail design is Acrylic extension with a nude, peachy pink gel polish. I wanted to be more creative and designed a 3D flower with acrylic white on the index finger.


Beautiful Bridal Nails

Nails by Jessabella Nail

Here I used a pale pink gel polish and on the ring finger, I applied glitter on the entire nail and finished it off with a glossy top coat. These are applied on Hard Gel Extensions.


Cute Wedding Nails

Nails by Jessabella Nails

I used Hard Gel to build the nail, and I kept it quite short and square. On the ring finger, I applied a mirror chrome powder and a pink gel polish on the rest of the nails.



Beautiful Wedding Nails

Nails By Jessabella Nails

Here I went with a peachy pink with colourful bright Neon glitter on hard gel extensions and encapsulated with a glossy top coat.



Classic French Wedding nails

Nails by _lemonnails

Here is a new way to wear the French style, which looks more interesting while still keeping the classic look as well. She used  2 coats of a pink gel polish and 2 coats of white. Add the silver stripe and encapsulate everything with top coat. She also added a mini crystal on the ring finger which complimented well with the brides wedding dress.


Simple Nude Wedding Nails

Nails by _lemonnails

This set of nails is suitable for girls who want long nails on their big day, choosing a light pink colour with glitter on top will complement any whole style perfectly.


Short Wedding Nails

Nails by _lemonnails

With the nude tone, you never can go wrong and a light touch of gold glitter will make them more special for the big day. I used a nude gel polish and a gel polish glitter in gold


Nude Wedding Nails

Nails by Beauty By Alaska

On this nail set, she applied a nude gel polish on the natural nails. Since it looked a bit empty with just the nude, she added few crystals on both ring fingers to make it special.   

Thank you for reading this blog post, I hope it inspired some of you. Just want to thanks to _Lemonnails and Beauty by Aleksa, for taking part in this fun collaboration with me.

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My name is Jess, I'm a blogger. freelance Makeup Artist and a newly qualified Nail Artist. I live in the beautiful beachside of England called Bournemouth.




  • Tricia

    I love the bright glitter design! These nails would look fabulous on the Bride or a guest! 🙂

    • Jessabella

      Me too, I think everything goes with glitter hehe

  • Claudia

    Beautiful! You are so very talented!

  • Alexandra

    So pretty! So many amazing ideas.

  • Emma

    I love the first one!! I’m getting married in October so this is some great inspo!

    • Jessabella

      Oh awesome 🙂 congratulations! I hope you have an a beautiful wedding.

  • Heather

    My best friend is getting married in October, so I’ll have to share these with her!

    • Jessabella

      Thank you 🙂 tell her I wish her all the best on her wedding day 🙂

  • Lauren

    Omg these are amazing! And great tips at the beginning! I can’t decide my favorite. Maybe the short nude with the glitter moon <3

  • A-

    These are amazing suggestions! I’m having my engagement photos taken soon and am looking for some inspiration for my manicure. I love all the pinky nude colors 🙂


  • Jordan

    Oh these are so cute! Thanks for sharing this list!!

  • Ingrid

    I need to have me nails specially done as I am attending a formal function. However, all the styles and colors are so beautiful and classy that it is hard to choose one.

  • Kasey Ma

    omg i love the classy french so much and the 2nd one!! i’m such a nail art fanatic.


  • Sophia

    These are all so beautiful! I think I want to stay neutral on my wedding day.

  • Love the nudes (and short nudes) and the Baby Boomers pink! Fun!

  • Mary

    ahh serious nail inspo, i love nail art!

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