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Did you know your nails can tell you about your health

Isn’t that amazing? Your nails can show some signs of your health, who knew!? At beauty school I learned all of the nail disorders and diseases, so the following info I took from the “The complete nail technician fourth edition” textbook, and gathered 18 different nail disorders that may relate to your health.

1. White Spots


Nails show signs of your healthHave white spots on the nail plate,

  • Minor trauma injuries to the matrix-like banging your nail accidentally on a car door. Ouch! Right


  • Don’t worry though, it will grow out when your nail does.

White Superficial Onychomycosis (WSO)

Does your nails tell you about your health?

Okay, this occurs more on the toes, but it can also appear on the fingernails. This looks like white powdery or fuzzy surface.


  • This is a Fungal Infection caused by different organisms.


  • Don’t worry it will grow out, just take a file, file the surface and whalaa… oh, don’t forget to throw away the file as it’s contaminated. My advice would visit your GP, just to make sure it’s not severed.

2. Splinter hemorrhage

Did you know your nails tell you about your health?
Splinter hemorrhage is tiny black streaks under the nail.

  • Minor trauma.
  • Sometimes because of illness.


  • This will eventually grow out.

3. Beau’s lines

Your nails can tell you about your health

Beau’s lines are horizontal ridges across the nail plate.

  • By a systemic or internal health issue that’s been around for a while. For example, major accident, surgery, malnutrition, heart attack and uncontrolled diabetes.


  • As you recover, your nails will grow out slowly but thin. So make sure your nails are not filled or buffed during this period of recovery.

4. Beaded ridges

Your nails tells your healh

Beaded ridges have longitudinal lines with these little bumps on them,

  • This can be because of circulatory problems.
  • Avoid buffing cause it may cause the nail plate to become thin.

5. Age-related ridges

old age nails

Age-related ridges get longitudinal lines appear on some or all nails.


  • This is totally normal, it’s an old age problem (Sad, I know).
  • Avoid buffing to hard.

6. Onychorrhexis (Furrows)

Spot health problems through your nails

Onychorrhexis is when the nails are splitting down the nail from the free edge.


  • When your matrix area is permanently damaged.


  • Be very careful with your nails especially on the free edge.

7. Lamellar dystrophy

Did you know your nails show signs of your health

Lamellar dystrophy is peeling or flaking nails.


  • Lacking moist in the nail plate,
  • Chemical reaction (e.g. detergents, water).
  • A minor on the free edge,


  • Apply cuticle oil twice a that to store the moist
  • When washing up, wear gloves.

8. Furrows

Is it true that your nails tells your health

Furrows have longitudinal lines from the matrix to the free edge. A single furrow can be congenital


  • Injury to the matrix.


  • Make sure you treat your nails with care as the nails will be very thin.
  • DO NOT over buff your nails as it may cause to split.

9. Blue Nails

Did you know blue nails shows signs of your health?

Blue nails are often very weak and thin.


  • Poor circulation or illness. For those of you that have something similar, try to avoid artificial nails as this will cause too much trauma on the nail.

10. Onychophagy

Here are some nails that show your health

Onychophagy is really a long name for its meaning….. Nail biting. I know, right!! Haha, We all know what it’s a habit that some people struggle to stop.

  • Artificial nails can help you stop biting your nails because it has a hard layer on top of your natural nails. Make sure your nail technician makes your artificial nails short and return once a week until the nails have grown out.
  • Go for regular manicure treatments.

11. Hangnails

Does hangnails show signs of your health?

Hangnails are those annoying skin that sticks out. It looks like your skin has been torn.


  • Lack of moist in your cuticles


  • This can be easily be removed, just take a pair of nippers and nip them.
  • To prevent this from happening, apply cuticle oil twice a day. Oh, and don’t forget to drink lots of water.

12. Bruised Nails

Nails and your health

Ouch!! This must be so painful. Bruised nails are dark spots of blood under the nail.

  • Don’t worry this will eventually grow out.

13. Eggshell Nails

Eggshell nails signs of your healthEggshell nails look like ummm…. eggshell. Haha. They are very thin, pale and fragile, and they curve underneath like is shown the photo above.

  • Illness
  • The medication you may be taking.


  • Treat these nails super gentle.

14. Habit-tic

Do these nails show sign of health problems?

Habit-tic have serious horizontal ridges down the center of the nail.

  • This happens when your nail has been picked at the nail fold.

15. Koilonychia (spoon nails)

Your nails may be telling you something about your health

Koilonychia nails are known as spoon nails, they’re flat and shaped like a spoon, as you can see from the photo above, the corners of the free edge curves inwards….. Eeeek!!! These don’t look pretty and they are thin and soft.


  • Lack of iron deficiency.
  • Excessive exposure to oils and soaps.


  • Wear gloves while doing your washing up.
  • Wash your hands with a friendly wash soap.
  • Take iron supplements.

16. Pitting

Do these nails show health problems?

Pitting is when you get these tiny pits over the surface of the nail,

  • Psoriasis or dermatitis.
  • Side effects from a cortisone cream

17. Pterygium

Signs of health problems on your nails

Pterygium is when your skin adheres to the nail plate and it’s stretched by the nail growth.


  • Damaged to the natural nail at the base of the nail and under the free edge.


  • Have regularly hot oil treatments – massage the oil onto the nail and do not remove the oil.
  • Avoid solvent-based products.

18. Psoriasis of the nail

Nails and health probles

It’s a mild case of this condition that is seen as pitting on the nail.


  • The nail will be delicate and must be treated with care.
  • If it’s more of a severe condition which will lead to the destruction of the nail plate. Therefore, it should not be treated by a nail technician.

Thanks for reading. I hope you’ve learned something from this post and even helped you with what you were looking for or answered your questions that you were concern about.

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