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Nails and Makeup for kids: what age should they start?


At what age should your little girl start putting on makeup and having her nails painted?

Well, there’s not really a specific age they should have a go, but if I were to say, 16 years old would be ideal age but (this is just my opinion as I am a makeup and nail artist). The younger they are the more sensitive their skin is, they can easily get allergies and irritations.

Here are a few tips you should consider before you let your daughter put on makeup products and nail polish

1. Make sure the Products are good quality and safe

This is so important, buy products whether its makeup or nail polishes that have a name on and have ingredients at the back. Stay away from those cheap kid kits of makeup and nail polish products you find at your nearest drugstore or online like eBay or Amazon. It may look like a good idea for your child to have a play around because they going to break it in the end, but it’s not worth the risk of the child getting an allergic reaction.

2. Don’t let your child go to sleep with makeup on

Before your child goes to bed, please remove all her makeup, because of the chemicals it contains, the first day won’t really do much but if she has makeup on for a few days, she might have pronely clogged, eyes irritable which may lead to infections and dry skin. So please remove every inch of makeup. Best product to use for this is coconut oil, because of its 100% natural and it’s a good moisturizer for dry skin.

3. Watch out for any skin irritation on the face or hands

If your child has red patches or itchiness on her face or hands, remove the makeup or nail polish immediately and get an ice block and place it where the red patch is to cool down the irritation. If it’s not gone in 20 minutes seek a doctor to check it out.

4. Go to a Nail Salon

Be sure that your child doesn’t sniff off the gel polish bottle, or even the non-acetone bottle. Chemicals are very powerful when it comes to the nail stuff.I fully recommend you to take your child to a Professional Nail Technician to paint your daughter’s nails, as they are trained in using chemical products.

5. Don’t let your child wear makeup or have their nails painted too often

There’s no need for your child to have makeup on all the time or have pretty nails. I understand if it’s for a special occasion or a school play as little girls love dressing up, but it’s not necessary for them to have it on every day. They have fresh, soft and beautiful skin where they don’t even have to worry about spots or blemishes on. On the nails side, well they have tiny nail beds to paint on.

I hope you Mothers out there liked this blog post, and please be cautious when it comes to your child’s precious skin.

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