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28 Funniest Nail Memes: Nail tech vs the Client

Hey Bella’s, I came across these funny nail memes on google and I thought hey, I could write a blog post on it, also I want to have a bit of a change with my blog posts, instead of it always being educational on nails, I thought I need to balance it out and make it more fun.

Right, let’s get on with the funny nail memes, there were so many to choose from, so I picked the ones I could relate as a nail tech. Hehe. Here we go!

28 Funniest Nail Memes: Nail Tech vs The client

1. When your Clients aren’t loyal to you.

When your clients aren't loyal to you


2. Who hates nail dust?

When nail dust gets between your boobs

3. Hey! You know what they say, don’t use your nails as tools but treat them like jewelry.

Nails Problem meme


4. Damn! I repeat, how do you wipe your ass with these nails on?

How do you wipe your nails with these nails meme?

5. Sorry honey, I am fully booked!

Nail tech problems memes


6. When clients think cheap is good quality!! Think again.

Clients be like : I found a cheaper nail tech


7. The struggle is real!!

Relax your hand funny memes


9. Nail Obsession, addiction and might need some rehab haha.

Nails Addiction10. a) Would you try again and fix it or b) give up?

Nail polish problems


11. Make that nail appointment honey!!

Do you like my nails?


12. Be like Tracy!

Nail artist nail care advice meme


13. When clients move their hand to reach out for their cell phone.

Amazing Nail Tech Meme Trend


14. Hard work pays off!

That feeling when you satisfy a nail client


15. When clients can’t make up their damn mind!

When clients can't make up their mind when it comes to their nails


16. Me vs. Dust, need a facial after this.

Nail dust problems


17. When clients don’t even know what’s on their nails.

When they don't know what's on their nails


18. Who can relate? I sure can.

Nail memes

19. We keep your deepest secrets….ssshhhh

Nail techs know how to keep your secrets


20. Which one are you?

short or long nails?


21. Damn, those last minute walk-ins.

Nail meme's nail artist can relate.


22. Its skill baby, it’s skill.

Its a skill to paint nail varnish


23. Cause I got high, I got high, I got high.

Nail varnish


24. Hangnails….Damn it!!

Hangnail problems


25. It just not enough polishes. I have to have them all.

So many nail choices

26. Top Coat is a Priority.

Top coat is a must meme


27. When glitter is pretty but a pain in the ass at the same time.

Glitter is so pretty


28. The benefit of being a Nail artist.

Nail benefits


Hope you all enjoyed this fun blog post, comment below which memes you found the funniest.

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